matcha green tea ice cream & homemade matcha sprinkles.

We brought, as is our want, ice cream to our recent Green Dinner Redux. It was a natural choice: having recently experimented with matcha in sweets, we were eager to try our hand at green tea ice cream, and what better opportunity to parade matcha’s showstopping color than at a dinner in honor of said color? The ice cream was easy, just your basic custard … Continue reading matcha green tea ice cream & homemade matcha sprinkles.

pandan coconut ice cream.

The recently-discovered Bangkok Center Grocery has been an unending source of tasty surprises. First, it carries tamarind candies, which we attempted to make ourselves back in March. And second, it has fresh pandan leaves and frozen coconut milk! Pandan, according to Clara’s former Singaporean roommate, is the “vanilla of the East”, insofar as it’s used in the same way and with the same frequency. But it’s … Continue reading pandan coconut ice cream.

honey lavender ice cream.

A walk through the greenmarket these days is a feast for the senses — wooden pallets overflowing with crisp snap peas and the first of summer’s sweet corn, piles of rhubarb and cherries, fragrant trays of seedlings for the planting, fresh bread, ostrich eggs the size of one’s head, jars of golden honey, brightly color flowers, and lavender. So much lavender. So much lavender, we … Continue reading honey lavender ice cream.

candied cherry & almond ice cream.

No F train + lunch on the Lower East Side this President’s Day made for an unexpected detour through Chinatown. Though we were late, we couldn’t help but slow our pace as we weaved through the throngs of midday shoppers along Grand St. We just love Chinatown. There’s always something new to see, to touch, to smell. It’s messy and overwhelming and sensory and marvelous. … Continue reading candied cherry & almond ice cream.

spicy gingersnaps + pumpkin ice cream (sandwiches).

For a Halloween-themed dinner this past Sunday (where we were the only ones who took to the theme, our own admittedly, of wearing black to eat orange…) we were charged with bringing dessert. The only requirement for said dessert was its color – orange – which left us with the obvious choice of making something pumpkin-y. The next obvious choice, pie, seemed a little uninspired. … Continue reading spicy gingersnaps + pumpkin ice cream (sandwiches).

fresh mint & chocolate chip ice cream.

For various and sundry reasons, our fire escape garden has, perhaps permanently, moved indoors. It’s not all that bad, in the end. On one hand, our tiny kitchen is desperately short of floor space but on the other it smells deliciously of mint and basil, and the closeness allows for easy delighting in the budding progress of our jalapeños and habaneros. The smelling-of-mint has us … Continue reading fresh mint & chocolate chip ice cream.