indigo continuum.

And we’ve come to our favorite — and, last! — color dinner: indigo continuum, or black to purple (skipping true blue, which doesn’t actually occur naturally in nature). Favorite because it’s the greatest of the color challenges, and the most visually striking, and because it’s full of opportunities to use exotic ingredients like black basil seeds and squid ink. And other delicious things, too, like … Continue reading indigo continuum.


The first snow’s come and gone, and darkness comes early these days. The holiday market’s set up its candy-cane-striped stands in Union Square, and the Greenmarket there, pushed north to make way for holly and cider, is filled with white, glinting icily in the briskness of December: turnips and cheeses, cauliflower and fennel and cream, scallops and rice, sunchokes, potatoes, pale white asparagus. Time for … Continue reading white.