We’ve come to the end of 2012 and it is time, once again, to welcome the new year with good company and a good meal. There’s nothing quite like the ritual of planning a meal — reflecting on the season and the thought to a menu, early morning rounds of the greenmarket, the butcher, the baker, Jery’s — to focus the mind on the simple … Continue reading ricotta.


The first snow’s come and gone, and darkness comes early these days. The holiday market’s set up its candy-cane-striped stands in Union Square, and the Greenmarket there, pushed north to make way for holly and cider, is filled with white, glinting icily in the briskness of December: turnips and cheeses, cauliflower and fennel and cream, scallops and rice, sunchokes, potatoes, pale white asparagus. Time for … Continue reading white.

serious eats cookie swap.

This week was Serious Eat’s annual cookie swap, a fabulous tradition of serious sharing of sugar and spice. It felt only fitting to bring a sweet that reflected Clara’s presence on the site, and so, in honor of Market Tours, we brought two cookies inspired by December’s posts: German and Spanish. In honor of Stammtisch Pork Store and Imports, we made lebkuchen. We had a … Continue reading serious eats cookie swap.

election night.

Today’s the day. Have you voted? If you live in NYC you have until 9PM. And you can find your polling spot here. GO! We snuck a taste of our Obama Brew last week, to make sure it wasn’t going to poison any of our guests tonight and…it’s amazing.  It’s amazing because it worked, and doesn’t have that ever-so-slightly-musky homebrew after taste. And it’s amazing because … Continue reading election night.


The color dinner series, which launched in April with green, returned this weekend with a sunny, summery, yellow. Yellow! There’s corn (we could and almost did have an entire meal made of corn…),  summer squash and zucchini flowers, chickpeas and canary beans, lemons, pineapple, yellow watermelon and mango, bell peppers, heirloom & cherry tomatoes, saffron, curry, eggs! ‘Twas a bright, cheerful afternoon full of delicious … Continue reading yellow.


We spend a lot of time making food, and even more time making art, so really, it was just a matter of time before these two things became one. We’ve had monochromatic meals kicking around in our head for ages. As artists and food makers, the challenge of creating an interesting-to-eat, balanced meal within bizarre and essentially arbitrary parameters – such as a single color … Continue reading green.

pi day.

Hold the presses! It’s March 14th and despite macabre Shakespearean warnings about tomorrow’s Ides of March, it’s… !!! So. About that global warming thing. Yikes. It’s also, in the oh-so-geeky world of numbers, pi day. Obviously, sun + pi day = sunny pie, and what better fit for such an equation (ack, sorry, couldn’t resist) than a glorious meyer lemon tart from the pages of … Continue reading pi day.

memories. or, shepherd’s pie & snickers bars.

We recently acquired the Alice B. Toklas cookbook, and haven’t been able to put it down. It’s full of satisfying stories and imaginative recipes, both delicious. Tales of two World Wars, France, the US in the ’30s, Gertrude Stein. It’s just delightful. We’re only sorry to not have come to it sooner. We’ve come to the chapter titled Treasures, and Alice opens it by asking … Continue reading memories. or, shepherd’s pie & snickers bars.

candied cherry & almond ice cream.

No F train + lunch on the Lower East Side this President’s Day made for an unexpected detour through Chinatown. Though we were late, we couldn’t help but slow our pace as we weaved through the throngs of midday shoppers along Grand St. We just love Chinatown. There’s always something new to see, to touch, to smell. It’s messy and overwhelming and sensory and marvelous. … Continue reading candied cherry & almond ice cream.