The color dinner series, which launched in April with green, returned this weekend with a sunny, summery, yellow. Yellow! There’s corn (we could and almost did have an entire meal made of corn…),  summer squash and zucchini flowers, chickpeas and canary beans, lemons, pineapple, yellow watermelon and mango, bell peppers, heirloom & cherry tomatoes, saffron, curry, eggs! ‘Twas a bright, cheerful afternoon full of delicious … Continue reading yellow.

rainbow cookies, u-s-a style.

Sunday was the 3rd Annual new music bake sale – an odd, eccentric event that could only have been conceived of and enthusiastically supported by the likes of New York’s “new music” scene. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend, as it coincided with the NYC premiere of POPM at Moviehouse. But, given that Clara makes her living from this scene, we felt compelled to send … Continue reading rainbow cookies, u-s-a style.

torta de merengue.

We can see it now: Clara’s abuela, standing in her cool stone and ceramic kitchen in Córdoba, worn white apron tied around her waist, slowly, ever so slowly, patiently, ever so patiently, pouring a steady, remarkably steady, thin stream of sparkling white sugar into a bowlful of mountainous egg whites. She makes it seem effortless, and in some ways it is, having done it so … Continue reading torta de merengue.

la, sd + tus

Yup, you guessed it. Stepkids are on tour and thus, interesting food is being eaten. (These posts are beginning to start predictably, no?) This time, the (rickety, 15-passengar) van took us through Los Angeles, San Diego and Tucson, with some memorable moments both food and otherwise. The American southwest is lovely! West Coast transplants to NYC complain endlessly about the lack of good Mexican & … Continue reading la, sd + tus


savory aioli, green onion brisket capers chimichuri, made with carrot greens corn butter gefilte fish guacamole, fire-roasted / doubles as a stand-alone tomatillo salsa hot sauce, scotch bonnet kugel, noodle pickles, carrots with garlic + jalapeño pickles, fennel with orange pretzels, soft preserved lemons ricotta ropa vieja shepherd’s pie soup, french onion tacos, fish tomato paste terrine, chicken liver sweet almonds, candied with honey & … Continue reading index

a strawberry rhubarb galette.

* updated 11 July 2011 with plum, peach and apricot versions (see end). Like many New Yorkers, we skipped town for the Fourth and headed north for some time away from the concrete, with lots of country-fresh air and, importantly, strawberry picking. Jane and Paul’s (aptly located on Fruit Street!), in Clara’s hometown was open, thankfully, on a Sunday, and off we were with family … Continue reading a strawberry rhubarb galette.

capers and caper berries.

Ah, the caper. That polarizing garnish that oh-so-often languishes uneaten on plates of smoked salmon or trays of creamy deviled eggs. The tiny green buds tend to inspire extremes–it’s either love it or hate it–and understandably so. Capers themselves are extreme: the briny buds, which call to mind olives and anchovies, pack a powerful punch. I’d wager they have one of the highest flavor-to-size ratios … Continue reading capers and caper berries.