¡dpm does! began as blog-sidekick to empanadas ¡dpm!, an artisanal empanada biz that we ran in Brooklyn from 2009-2012 (before it was The Brooklyn Food Scene…) Today, this blog is mostly a virtual recipe box, and doesn’t get updated much.

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For your amusement, a little original tune about our empanadas:

And here we are, as empanadas ¡dpm!, chatting with Mo Rocca on The Cooking Channel’s food(ography) back in 2010!

And the requisite author bio

Clara Inés Schuhmacher is an artist and producer working at the intersection of art, community and public space. She was born in Italy to Argentine parents, and owes much of her love of food to this happy coincidence. She first learned to cook sitting on a stool in her abuela’s kitchen on Calle Tejeda in Córdoba, Argentina, and from there it was a short step to writing, curating and hosting esoteric dinner parties.

By day, she is the Director of Marketing and Events for the DUMBO Improvement District, where she develops creative programs in the neighborhood’s public spaces with and for the benefit of its residents, businesses and cultural organizations. Her multimedia stories about food and its makers appear in Organic GardeningThe Huffington Post and, since 2012, Serious Eats. Her video work–mostly with collaborator Tusia Dabrowska as the duo vvitalny–has been presented in the United States, Argentina and across Europe. She has performed across Europe, Russia, South America and the United States as a soprano, most recently with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. She guest vocals on records by The Stepkids and Pharoahe Monch, and currently sings with MasterVoices and the New Amsterdam Singers in New York.