campari grapefruit ice pops.

We’ve been on a slushy-kick, lately. Campari slushies. Watermelon mint slushies. Cucumber lime slushies. There’s something about the oh-so-refreshing, brain-freeze-inducing, fun-with-a-straw beauty that is the slushy that makes sweltering summer evenings bearable. And delicious. We don’t always have the time to patiently coax our faithful blender through the somewhat painful-to-it process of crushing ice. So for back up, lest it die on us in the … Continue reading campari grapefruit ice pops.

cottage cheese pancakes.

It’s not often that the “city that never sleeps” is mandated a rest. Even in the most extreme situations, New Yorkers insist on carrying on. And then: Juno. Cause for hilarious internet memes and Onion articles (later reenacted by their real-life protagonists, in this case, our own Mayor) and, miraculously, cause for a city-enforced snow day. It wasn’t much of a storm, in the end, … Continue reading cottage cheese pancakes.