election night.

Today’s the day. Have you voted? If you live in NYC you have until 9PM. And you can find your polling spot here. GO! We snuck a taste of our Obama Brew last week, to make sure it wasn’t going to poison any of our guests tonight and…it’s amazing.  It’s amazing because it worked, and doesn’t have that ever-so-slightly-musky homebrew after taste. And it’s amazing because … Continue reading election night.

fish tacos.

In 2008, my family took a family trip to Mexico the week I started my first job in NYC. It wasn’t intentional (so they say), and though certainly jealousy inducing, new job jitters and new (york) city promises were enough to soften the blow. Four years later, the job’s all but forgotten, though the city is as exciting. And the vacation? It’s become the family … Continue reading fish tacos.


The color dinner series, which launched in April with green, returned this weekend with a sunny, summery, yellow. Yellow! There’s corn (we could and almost did have an entire meal made of corn…),  summer squash and zucchini flowers, chickpeas and canary beans, lemons, pineapple, yellow watermelon and mango, bell peppers, heirloom & cherry tomatoes, saffron, curry, eggs! ‘Twas a bright, cheerful afternoon full of delicious … Continue reading yellow.

gefilte fish.

Passover is Dan’s favorite Jewish holiday.  The story and traditions are so specific and image-conjuring, and the meal so delicious and special, as it’s only made once a year…how can you go wrong? (Clara and her sweet tooth prefer Rosh Hashanah.) A standard component of any Passover sedar is gefilte fish, most often of the Manischewitz variety. We know there are folks out there who … Continue reading gefilte fish.

memories. or, shepherd’s pie & snickers bars.

We recently acquired the Alice B. Toklas cookbook, and haven’t been able to put it down. It’s full of satisfying stories and imaginative recipes, both delicious. Tales of two World Wars, France, the US in the ’30s, Gertrude Stein. It’s just delightful. We’re only sorry to not have come to it sooner. We’ve come to the chapter titled Treasures, and Alice opens it by asking … Continue reading memories. or, shepherd’s pie & snickers bars.

the superbowl.

Ah, the Super Bowl. We’re not quite sure what all the fuss is about. Really. There’s something so unappealing about watching large men with protruding bellies in shiny spandex lumber about and fall on each other in some hilarious attempt to move a few yards. It’s graceless and, frankly, boring. How is it possible that four quarters takes four hours? Isn’t “quarter” like, 15 minutes … Continue reading the superbowl.