Morocco. The land of olives and oranges, dates, bread and harisa, strong mint tea, cookies laced with honey and almonds, lamb. A place were soccer is played in narrow alleys late into the night, neighborhoods are organized around bakeries and the hammam, and even the simplest of homes is a visual feast of painted tile, carved wood, chiseled plaster. The call to prayer. Men in … Continue reading morocco.

capers and caper berries.

Ah, the caper. That polarizing garnish that oh-so-often languishes uneaten on plates of smoked salmon or trays of creamy deviled eggs. The tiny green buds tend to inspire extremes–it’s either love it or hate it–and understandably so. Capers themselves are extreme: the briny buds, which call to mind olives and anchovies, pack a powerful punch. I’d wager they have one of the highest flavor-to-size ratios … Continue reading capers and caper berries.

carrot top chimichurri.

Glorious mid-August markets have us thinking about the whole vegetable these days — how to use up all the little bits of deliciousness on display Saturday mornings in McCarren Park. There’s a practical reason for this — our freezer is only so big, and can only hold so much compost over the course of a week — but also a responsible one, and we’re relishing the … Continue reading carrot top chimichurri.