sorbetto di limone.

I spent the fall of 2004 studying in Bologna, and to this day, even so many years later, the mere mention of the city and its mothering region Emilia Romagna makes me slightly weepy. Perhaps Giacomo Leopardi said it best, about the beauty of Bologna: Io sospiro per Bologna…dove non si pensa ad altro che a viver allegramente senze diplomazie, dove i forestieri non trovano … Continue reading sorbetto di limone.

honey lavender ice cream.

A walk through the greenmarket these days is a feast for the senses — wooden pallets overflowing with crisp snap peas and the first of summer’s sweet corn, piles of rhubarb and cherries, fragrant trays of seedlings for the planting, fresh bread, ostrich eggs the size of one’s head, jars of golden honey, brightly color flowers, and lavender. So much lavender. So much lavender, we … Continue reading honey lavender ice cream.


The color dinner series, which launched in April with green, returned this weekend with a sunny, summery, yellow. Yellow! There’s corn (we could and almost did have an entire meal made of corn…),  summer squash and zucchini flowers, chickpeas and canary beans, lemons, pineapple, yellow watermelon and mango, bell peppers, heirloom & cherry tomatoes, saffron, curry, eggs! ‘Twas a bright, cheerful afternoon full of delicious … Continue reading yellow.

candied cherry & almond ice cream.

No F train + lunch on the Lower East Side this President’s Day made for an unexpected detour through Chinatown. Though we were late, we couldn’t help but slow our pace as we weaved through the throngs of midday shoppers along Grand St. We just love Chinatown. There’s always something new to see, to touch, to smell. It’s messy and overwhelming and sensory and marvelous. … Continue reading candied cherry & almond ice cream.

fresh mint & chocolate chip ice cream.

For various and sundry reasons, our fire escape garden has, perhaps permanently, moved indoors. It’s not all that bad, in the end. On one hand, our tiny kitchen is desperately short of floor space but on the other it smells deliciously of mint and basil, and the closeness allows for easy delighting in the budding progress of our jalapeños and habaneros. The smelling-of-mint has us … Continue reading fresh mint & chocolate chip ice cream.