(hot!) scotch bonnet hot sauce.

We planted hot peppers on the fire escape this summer – fiery scotch bonnets and smoky paprika peppers – and were unprepared for their prolific production. The paprika peppers have found their way into many a dish, but the scotch bonnets — which clock in at 100,000–350,000 Scoville Units, a good 12 to 40 times hotter than the hottest jalapeño — are, shall we say, … Continue reading (hot!) scotch bonnet hot sauce.

pickles (spicy carrots & orange fennel).

Mornings in Warsaw we’d step into the biting cold and cross the underpass to the bodega wedged up besides Bazar Rozyckiego, where we’d get a tub of pickles – enough to feed a crowd who loves pickles so much that they´d eat 3 apiece before 10am – for just a little over one American dollar. When we returned to New York, no amount of deli … Continue reading pickles (spicy carrots & orange fennel).

a barbri care package (honey herbed almonds & orange almond biscotti).

We seem to have missed the memo on law school. But as friend after friend tackles 1L and then suffers indeterminately through barbri courses and the bar, we’re pretty ok with it. One said friend is just weeks from her exam, and as the others before her, sounds a bit panicked. So we decided to send some sweet encouragement in the absence of being close … Continue reading a barbri care package (honey herbed almonds & orange almond biscotti).