macaron day.

We fell in love with macarons last summer in Paris – those exquisite confections, light as air yet – mysteriously, magically – delicately crunchy, satisfyingly gooey. With stunning saveurs like hazelnut asparagus, jasmine, and olive oil vanilla, we dream of them, still.

Despite our penchant for sucre, we’ve yet to master the macaron. (Let’s be honest, master is too ambitious a goal.) But – lucky for us, Clara’s father has become a macaron spécialiste in the days since July, and her childhood kitchen’s been transformed into a macaron making machine.

Well, it’s Macaron Day in New York today, alongside, bien sûr, le jour du macaron in Paree. And, we thought, no better day to introduce the new comer to the macaron scene:

bold macarons by our very own jorge schuhmacher

Aren’t they gorgeous? (Photos by the chef himself!)

white chocolate, bergamot, blood orange:

peach with apricot buttercream:

white chocolate, grapefruit, orange, campari, candied kumquat peels:

white chocolate, wasabi, yuzu, candied grapefruit peels:

(And above, as the featured image, the “all chocolate”: dark chocolate, yuzu, fleur de sel chocolate chips)

We assure you, they are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Like what you see & live in the Providence / Boston area? Email Jorge to place an order!


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