We hopped down to Miami this past weekend for the wedding of an old friend and neighbor, with a side of alligators and art deco sunshine. Here are some images from our whirlwind two days (including a total of five trips into South Beach!)

Airport Studies: Miami No. 1 (The only good thing about the massive and massively unnecessary “rental car center” at the dreaded Miami airport.)

We stopped in at the Palacio de los Jugos, or “Juice Palace” on our way to the hotel. It’s something of an semi-outdoor food market, complete with a juice bar (the passion fruit was particularly delicious), a sandwich stand, and lots of interesting fruits and veggies. We snacked on empanadas (as we would all weekend!) and a hefty cuban con lechón. This can of yerba mate soda, however, was an abomination. ¡Que asco! 

The best bit was the man at the entrance with his hatchet and shopping cart full of young green coconuts. He’d pluck a round one from the bunch and with two swift whacks create a little opening through which you’d drink the delicious cold coconut water.

(Yes, we may or may not have gone full on Miami with a bright blue convertible. Hey, it made for a nice reflective surface.)

(If you went back to the man with the hatchet, he’d crack the coconut the rest of the way and scoop out its nutty flesh for you.)

Saturday was a trip to the Royal Palm Visitors Center at the Everglades National Park. We weren’t expecting to be greeted with this:

But sure enough, vultures abounded:

And, alligators! (They’re clearly not intimidated by people. This one was practically slogging along the path with the rest of us.)


Then dinner at Puerto Sagua, where we tried their famous ropa vieja.

And a cone of Latin-influenced helado from Azucar in Little Havana. That Abuela Maria helado was damn good!

Miami helados

A late night shot of some of the amazing street art in the Wynnwood neighborhood.

A Sunday bite to eat at Las Olas cafe — the best non touristy spot for empanadas and sandwiches in South Beach.

And then, South Beach, in all its sandy art deco glory.

Miami-fied! Hot pink nails, and hot blue car, top down.

And an art deco sunset to see us on our way back to slushy New York.


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