apple cider donuts & puppets, oh my.

The unseasonable 80 degree days that dragged dangerously close to October have finally given way to my favorite kind of days: crisp fall ones.ย  In recent years, fall has become synonymous with trips upstate to Rokeby, and the moment I walk outside and find the cracked sidewalks of Brooklyn dressed in soft yellows and red, find the air’s cold enough to nip at my nose, … Continue reading apple cider donuts & puppets, oh my.

black sesame ice cream.

Black sesame ice cream — which we first fell for at theย  Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (along withย pandan coconut ice cream!) — is one of our favorite flavors. Rich and complex, yet dry and never that sweet, it’s the perfect treat when we’re searching for something a little out of the ordinary. When we saw Max’s version on Serious Eats, we just had to make … Continue reading black sesame ice cream.

saint valentine’s.

We’re just going to come out and say it: we don’t get the red velvet cake craze. Sure, it’s red. And thus, to some, pretty. But it’s red not because it’s got chocolate (a mere teaspoon in most recipes) but because it calls for an unhealthy dose of food coloring. Otherwise, it’s just plain old white cake. With an unhealthy dose of food coloring. Frankly, … Continue reading saint valentine’s.

serious eats cookie swap.

This week was Serious Eat’s annual cookie swap, a fabulous tradition of serious sharing of sugar and spice. It felt only fitting to bring a sweet that reflected Clara’s presence on the site, and so, in honor of Market Tours, we brought two cookies inspired by December’s posts: German and Spanish. In honor of Stammtisch Pork Store and Imports, we made lebkuchen. We had a … Continue reading serious eats cookie swap.

pandan coconut ice cream.

The recently-discovered Bangkok Center Grocery has been an unending source of tasty surprises. First, it carries tamarind candies, which we attempted to make ourselves back in March. And second, it has fresh pandan leaves and frozen coconut milk! Pandan,ย according to Clara’s former Singaporean roommate, is the “vanilla of the East”, insofar as it’s used in the same way and with the same frequency. But it’s … Continue reading pandan coconut ice cream.