the netherlands + germany.

We spent the last ten days with The Stepkids, driving from London to Berlin, stopping (for shows) in Vlieland – a remote Dutch island for the Into the Great Wide Open festival – Amsterdam, Wuppertal and Erfurt. We’re back and missing it, of course —  warm sunlight pale with autumn, crisp evenings, good beer and herring, sliced fresh and served with sweet pickles, empty beaches … Continue reading the netherlands + germany.

la, sd + tus

Yup, you guessed it. Stepkids are on tour and thus, interesting food is being eaten. (These posts are beginning to start predictably, no?) This time, the (rickety, 15-passengar) van took us through Los Angeles, San Diego and Tucson, with some memorable moments both food and otherwise. The American southwest is lovely! West Coast transplants to NYC complain endlessly about the lack of good Mexican & … Continue reading la, sd + tus


Oh la la, where to begin? A week in Paris and too many delicious things to keep track of them all! There are a few musts for Paris: hours spent in a market, charcuterie, crêpes, a truly spectacular croissant, an equally spectacular baguette, and, apparently (this was news to us), falafel. And macarons. (Really, the only must in Paris is macarons.) We arrived just at … Continue reading paris.