a commercial kitchen.

35th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is a desolate stretch of narrow cobblestone, enclosed with towering, seemingly empty, factories. A great place for a photo shoot:

And, to cook.

We were on a mission: 700 empanadas in nine hours, for the ICE Party on June 28.

Up a freight elevator and down a long hallway lined with shelves full of sugar, parchment paper, peanut butter, and onions, is Kitchen 3A. We pried open the makeshift plywood door, and found ourselves in a large industrial kitchen smelling deliciously like cinnamon and warmth. Apparently, we’d surprised Alex of Granola Lab in the midst of a post-granola-bake clean up. She was gracious enough to package her amazing product in the hallway, and we were left with a kitchen-full of equipment we only half knew how to use, and no idea where to start.

(Clara was particularly excited about the people-sized mixers. Think of the alfajores this could turn out!)

We’d have been lost had it not been for Allison, of tasty tasty Robicelli’s cupcakes, who took a break from what we can only imagine is an insanely hectic cupcake-making schedule to show us around and, importantly, identify the candy stoves (on which we later cooked not candy, alas, but, ahem, carne).

So, orientated, we got to work, chopping:


and folding:

Empanadas ready for the diesel oven!

And freshly baked!

700 empanadas is a lot of full sheet-fulls…

Β‘En fin! A long day. Un millΓ³n de gracias to Pablo and Ashley, without whom we would have never, ever gotten even remotely close to finishing in time.

Quite possibly the worst photo ever…but: success!

And thanks to La Newyorkina for rewarding our long shift with refreshing, perfectly sweet paletas in raspberry lime, cucumber mint and horchata. Seriously rico!

3 thoughts on “a commercial kitchen.

    1. thanks for catching that, bernardo! we made the usual tradicional with beef, hardboiled eggs, green olives and raisins, and then made a summery version of the corn with tomatoes, green onions, mozzarella & basil. yum πŸ™‚ they were a hit at the party!

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