honey lavender ice cream.

A walk through the greenmarket these days is a feast for the senses — wooden pallets overflowing with crisp snap peas and the first of summer’s sweet corn, piles of rhubarb and cherries, fragrant trays of seedlings for the planting, fresh bread, ostrich eggs the size of one’s head, jars of golden honey, brightly color flowers, and lavender. So much lavender. So much lavender, we … Continue reading honey lavender ice cream.


The color dinner series, which launched in April with green, returned this weekend with a sunny, summery, yellow. Yellow! There’s corn (we could and almost did have an entire meal made of corn…),  summer squash and zucchini flowers, chickpeas and canary beans, lemons, pineapple, yellow watermelon and mango, bell peppers, heirloom & cherry tomatoes, saffron, curry, eggs! ‘Twas a bright, cheerful afternoon full of delicious … Continue reading yellow.

pansitos para pascua.

Easter in my Italo-Argentinean household was unlike that of my friends, growing up. There were no basketfuls of plastic pastel eggs, nestled among shiny strands of green, no pink bunnies with pinker nubs for noses, no neon-colored peeps. There were no hunts for brightly colored jelly beans or tiny chocolates wrapped in crinkly purple and blue. That’s not to say we lacked for sweets (no … Continue reading pansitos para pascua.

macaron day.

We fell in love with macarons last summer in Paris – those exquisite confections, light as air yet – mysteriously, magically – delicately crunchy, satisfyingly gooey. With stunning saveurs like hazelnut asparagus, jasmine, and olive oil vanilla, we dream of them, still. Despite our penchant for sucre, we’ve yet to master the macaron. (Let’s be honest, master is too ambitious a goal.) But – lucky for us, … Continue reading macaron day.

pi day.

Hold the presses! It’s March 14th and despite macabre Shakespearean warnings about tomorrow’s Ides of March, it’s… !!! So. About that global warming thing. Yikes. It’s also, in the oh-so-geeky world of numbers, pi day. Obviously, sun + pi day = sunny pie, and what better fit for such an equation (ack, sorry, couldn’t resist) than a glorious meyer lemon tart from the pages of … Continue reading pi day.

rainbow cookies, u-s-a style.

Sunday was the 3rd Annual new music bake sale – an odd, eccentric event that could only have been conceived of and enthusiastically supported by the likes of New York’s “new music” scene. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend, as it coincided with the NYC premiere of POPM at Moviehouse. But, given that Clara makes her living from this scene, we felt compelled to send … Continue reading rainbow cookies, u-s-a style.

spicy tamarind balls.

Tusia (the other half of vvitalny) has been bringing tiny clear plastic boxes of tamarind balls to rehearsal lately and we’re addicted. They’re so intriguing and incredibly satisfying – sour, with a touch of heat. We can’t get enough. Tamarind is an interesting food – it’s indigenous to Africa but when we started to think about it, we realized it’s in practically every cuisine we … Continue reading spicy tamarind balls.