Color dinners returned this week with a late summer red. Red, the color of  tomatoes, beets and berries, pomegranate, cherries, cranberries and cabbage, watermelon and watermelon radishes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, campari, rhubarb, salumi, red curry, red lentils, red quinoa, and wine-braised meats.

It was, truly, an epic dinner. We had a new spot with more room and more guests, and three dinners in, imaginations were running wild. It left us reeling! And, with so much to look at and to taste, we left the real documentary photos to Ms. Bass (and quite the photoshoot it was!), occupying ourselves with fun, less official, photographing. So, a selection of said less official photographing!

For this dinner, we brought an antipasto rosso, with salumi sourced from our favorite Italian, Jerry, watermelon radishes (such a visual treat!),  a bowl of cranberries, a smokey eggplant & tomato dip with (homemade tomato paste!), a home-roasted red pepper dip, and homemade beet chips (which didn’t turn out well in the oven but turned out magically in the microwave) to scoop it all up. We added a pot of spicy tomato chutney which Clara’s colleague Molly sent in her absence, a jar of homemade strawberry & peppercorn jam by the Schuhmacher clan (with some non-white cheese, ah well), and a pot of pomegranate seeds in wine, a favorite treat from childhood.

To feast!

color dinner no. 3: red.

Setting up the shoot!


Some dishes from the feast:


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